Archbishop Burke Loves Little Boys

In St. Louis there’s a situation that’s been going on for years. One of My pedophiles wants to take away a church and make some money off of it; however, My sheep are very resilient and keep bringing in priests to do their services. But with each new priest they bring in, My main pedophile keeps defrocking them.

burkeNormally I don’t take sides. But I think there’s something funny going on here. The Archbishop continually defrocks and excommunicates people in this church. However, the child molesters not only run free, but they’re hidden with My sheep’s money in other congregations. That’s awesome.

So on one hand, we have this overbearing pedophile enabler who is trying to steal this church away from My sheep.  But on the other hand he’s taking money from other congregations, and ultimately this money will be used to hide child molesting priests and pay for a legal defense fund.

This is just another reason why Catholics aren’t My sheep.  Satan can have those bastards.  First they try to eat Me, and now they enable child molestation.


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