Goin’ Shoot’n in Colorado

My Dad and I went out shoot’n today in Colorado, and We both ended up in the news. He did His usual shit: go over to a church, destroy some shit, maybe kill a couple people. What the hell is neat about that? I, on the other hand, went after a youth center dorm. Now that’s fuckin’ awesome.

gun crossMany people think they’re safe in a church. Especially Mexicans trying to hide from My Jesusland authorities. But history hasn’t been so kind to that theory, as oftentimes a church is the first place My Dad and I think of when We’re feeling destructive.

Oddly enough, most sheep still come together, praise Us, and rebuild the church.  While We find that entertaining, We really appreciate it, as it gives us a new target for lightning strikes, floods, and encouraging those damn atheists to commit arson.  That last one is Satan doing that… not Us, of course.

Some people ask why We permit such things to happen to our own people.  The simple answer is that it’s entertaining.  Sure, We’re busy giving out home runs and paychecks, but when We really want to have some fun, We go out to the nearest church and kick its ass.  Then you rebuild it, and We kick its ass again.

It’s a never ending cycle of never ending fun!

Peace be with you!

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