Holy Shit That Was a Ride

Three days ago I smoked the best weed of My life. It’s not like the shit My apostles and I used to smoke out in the back of the temples. And in the ark. And on the mountain. And in the desert.  This was the good shit you get straight from sweaty spicks down in Guadedopé or some shit.

immortal combatAnyway, so we’re smoking the pot with some hippie dudes in western Canada when suddenly I was confronted with a dinosaur. Seriously. I could have sworn My Dad just made those things up to throw off retard evolutionists and, you know, all paleontologists, but apparently one of them came to life and tried to fucking eat Me. So I whipped his ass.  I took this picture as evidence for the nonbelieving faggots.

So I’m pretty sure that makes Me the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs, yet again making geologists and paleontologists look like the fucking retards they are, with their stupid asteroid, volcano, and insect theory. Fuck them. Believe in Jesus, motherfuckers. Or you’ll end up like the motherfucking dinosaurs.


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