Spreading the Word of GOD!

As if you weren’t aware, this blog is a sort of addendum to the Bible.  It’s my own personal touch to an otherwise boring and dreary book.  Now you can see Me and My Dad’s real thoughts.  With that said, you, as one of Our sheep, should try to spread this Word of God as much as you can.  So I’d like to thank a certain sheep of Mine: David.

See, David did a very honorable and important task by going to a blog with a bunch of pussy sheep of Mine and advertised My blog.  At this blog, David posted one of My posts and then defended it.  Fuckin’ a, David; great job!  Sixty underaged virgins await you in Heaven.

My favorite part was when telling one of those pussies:

For example, if you shot yourself right now and died, FaceLift, you would gain immediate entry to God’s presence.

What a great fuckin’ analogy, kid.  That’s superb.

So the rest of you assholes have some catching up to do.  Pick a post, pick a pussy-ass so-called Christian blog, and post away!  And, while you’re at it, say something funny so I can quote you.

In My name, Amen.

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