What’s Wrong with Huckabee?

I’m getting a bit pissed off at you people for not voting in Huckabee. I mean, shit, he loves Me. And My Dad. Maybe even My Mom. But, more importantly, he wants to instill the Bible into everyone in Jesusland. And that’s a-OK with Me.

huckabeeAs you all know, I support Huckabee even though he’s pro-life. I generally don’t like pro-lifers, as I love abortion. But Huckabee wants to turn what is now the United States of America into Jesusland. I need more sheep. Preferably not the poor ones who usually follow Me; I want some rich motherfuckers. So I can buy a Wii.

I’d also like to announce that I’m no longer for Hilary.  I respect the lies against Obama, but I’m getting pissed off that she continues to look like a dyke.  Can’t have that in Jesusland.  Unless she’s hot, but she’s not, so she’ll burn in Hell.

Praise be to Me.

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